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Are you planning to upgrade your living room soon? Do you need to refurbish your office to attract more clients? A1 House Clearance in Exeter is here to make clearing furniture easier and simpler!

Our company specialises in efficient furniture clearance Exeter to remove and dispose of any unwanted and old pieces easily and quickly. We have a team of experts with the experience, skills, and knowledge required for disposing of items you no longer need or want.

We understand that clearance can be very stressful. But don’t worry because you can always count on us to complete the job and deliver the best results you deserve.


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We Can Clear All Types of Furniture
and House Clearance in Exeter

The disposal and recycling of home goods involve many steps. It’s not as simple as removing a piece from its spot, and you’re done. Many pieces are too bulky that trying to clear them on your own won’t work.

Our Rubbish Clearance and Removal company can dismantle and clear unwanted equipment. Let us know what you want to remove, and we’ll quickly remove them from your door!


We can help you clear most types of furniture pieces, including:

Looking for a reliable furniture clearance service in Exeter? Look no further than A1! We offer collection, delivery, and skip services for commercial and residential properties, specializing in contemporary and stylish equipment for your home, shop, or office. Our specialist vans are equipped to handle everything from carpets to bedroom sets at affordable prices. Contact us today to schedule your property clearance!

Our Professional Approach


Our service for furniture and house clearance Exeter is a simple process that involves a few steps:

Request for an Estimate

The process starts when you contact us and ask for an estimate of our service.

Book the Service

Proceed to book our services. All you have to do is schedule a date and time that works best for you. Depending on the number of pieces needing to be cleared, the process may take several hours to several days.

Actual Day of Clearance

Our team will notify you first before we arrive at the scheduled time. Once our clearance team arrives, they will introduce themselves and ask about the items you want to clear. We will give you the final price and load the goods in our vehicle.


We’ll do some cleaning in your space before we leave. The removed pieces will be tipped off, recycled, reused, or donated accordingly.

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Why Choose Us?

 A1 is the leading choice for furniture clearance in Exeter for many reasons. Let us share with you why you should choose our team the next time you need to clear some unwanted and old equipment pieces in your home or office:

We offer the best quality and professional service for clearing household furniture, electrical goods, and more. With a wide range of services, including VAT, viewing, and safely disposing of items, they make clearance easy and hassle-free. Their efficient and friendly team covers the whole Exeter area and believes in providing a tidy and reputable service. Please visit their website to learn more.


Bespoke Service

Every job we carry out is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whether you need help clearing your entire property or want us to collect a single item, our team will be more than happy to work with you to ensure we meet your requirements within a budget right on schedule.

Ethical Practices

What we collect will be recycled, upcycled, or donated. We won’t be sending them to the landfill at all! Our top priority is to donate household belongings that are still in excellent condition to charities or community projects.

We have also partnered with local up cyclers to give new life to old, tired pieces that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. We advocate repurposing and reusing, with recycling only used as the last option.


Licences and Insurance

Aside from the insurance for our vehicles, we are also covered by public and employee liability insurance. We ensure that our clients and teams are covered by insurance if the need arises. We are also licensed and registered to carry our furniture and house clearance services in Exeter and the surrounding areas, giving our clients peace of mind knowing that we will deal with their waste legally and professionally.

Professional Service

Our friendly team members in their uniforms will always ensure you’ll have the best experience with A1 from start to finish. Right from that initial contact that you have with us to the actual clearance day and after the work is complete, our strict attention to detail remains unmatched to this day. We take great pride in providing excellent customer service, reflected in our positive customer reviews.

At A1 Furniture Clearance Services in Exeter, we strive to add a personal touch to every part of your home, from the dining table in your kitchen to the accessories in your garden corner, ensuring it reflects your unique style and caters to the needs of every family member and customer.

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Value for Money

Our service is the epitome of getting precisely what you pay for. We always work to provide the best value for money as we do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

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Looking to clear out your flat, full house or office? We are one of the top companies in Exeter, and we’re here to help you with exceptional service for your dining room, hallway, garage, and more. With a fantastic showroom and a belief in providing a range of quality fixtures and fittings, please call us today. We’re exceptionally friendly and can recycle as much as possible, making us a top choice for landlords and anyone needing furniture removal services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of effects and furniture are considered valuable?

High-quality designer furniture, collectables, art, and antiques are just some of the items with enough resale value that can offset your clearance costs. We also ensure that your second-hand pieces of excellent and usable quality will find a new home but don’t expect them to have much value.

However, we are also more than happy to give you tips on selling second-hand equipment if someone else is willing to pay for them. We will also assist you in getting them reused by suggesting free-cycle initiatives in the area.

Can you deliver some of my furniture to family, friends, or storage?

Yes, we can also deliver. Just let us know so we can provide you with a competitive quote for the service.

How do I pay you?

We currently accept cash, cheques, and bank transfer only. Please arrange your payment upon completion of the job unless agreed in advance.

What happens if there are fewer or more furniture pieces than we initially estimated?

The size can always change up to the last minute for different reasons. We know and understand this, so we will adjust the cost accordingly.

What happens to my furniture after you remove them?

We ensure that your unwanted equipment can be recycled and reused.